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Meet The Giants Community Fund Partners

Through the First Base Foundation-California Warriors partnership with the Giants Community Fund, we are excited to welcome Jayden Mendoza and Marc Yinger to our team! Jayden and Marc have dedicated themselves to helping make a difference through baseball in San Francisco and the surrounding communities.

Jayden is a former softball standout who is pursuing a Masters in Sports Management at University of Florida. Marc Yinger is a former event chef-turned-graphic designer and marketing specialist. The two have been working with the Giants Community Fund, primarily focusing on impacting younger players’ lives through the Junior Giants Ambassadors program, and have now expanded to working with high school baseball players by partnering with the California Warriors.

This Fall Ball Season, you can find Jayden and Marc on the field and in the dugout while helping to facilitate the Fall Ball guest speaker program. We are excited to see this new partnership with the Giants Community Fund!

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