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California Warriors Alumni

This is the complete list of California Warriors alumni currently playing collegiate and professional baseball or working in baseball. Click the links for player stats.


Name Role Program
Ryan Burke Assistant Coach University of San Francisco
Bryan Faulds Assistant Coach St. Edward's University
Anthony Firenzi Assistant Coach Redwood HS
Greg Gonzalez Assistant Coach Santa Clara University
Stefen Henderson Assistant Coach College of Marin
Noah Jackson Assistant Coach UC Berkeley
Devin Pearson Amateur Scouting Assistant Boston Red Sox
Sam Reintertsen Minor League Video Internship Princeton (Tampa Bay) Rays
Mike Reuvekamp Assistant Coach University of the Pacific
Mike Sansoe Area Supervisor Pittsburgh Pirates
Jackson Smith Major League Advance Scouting Tampa Bay Rays

TopWorking in BaseballDivision-IDivision-IIDivision-IIIJCNAIA

Name College Professional
Active Players
Marcus Chiu College of Marin Los Angeles Dodgers (2017 - Active)
Lucas Erceg Menlo College Milwaukee Brewers (2016 – Active)
Max Gamboa Pepperdine University Los Angeles Dodgers (2017 - Active)
Denis Karas UC Berkeley Miami Marlins (2017 - Active)
Matt Krook University of Oregon Tampa Bay Rays (2016 – Active)
Mack Meyer University of Virginia San Francisco Giants (2018 - Active)
Michael Petersen Riverside College Milwaukee Brewers (2015 – Active)
Kenny Rosenberg Cal State Northridge Tampa Bay Rays (2016 – Active)
Joe Ryan Cal State Stanislaus Tampa Bay Rays (2018 - Active)
Robbie Tenerowicz UC Berkeley Tampa Bay Rays (2016 – Active)
Inactive Players
Myles Babbitt Cal State East Bay Arizona Diamondbacks (2016)
Cal Becker Sonoma State Arizona Diamondbacks (2016 - 2018)
Cory Bostjancic College of Marin San Diego Padres (2012 – 2014)
Francis Christy Palomar College Arizona Diamondbacks (2015 – 2017)
Daniel Comstock Menlo College Arizona Diamondbacks (2015 – 2016)
Patrick Conroy College of Marin Kansas City Royals (2012 – 2013)
Jarrett Costa Westmont College Oakland Athletics (2016 – 2018)
Mitch Delfino UC Berkeley San Francisco Giants (2012 – 2017)
O’Koyea Dickson Sonoma State Los Angeles Dodgers (2011 – 2017)
Tyler Ihrig College of Marin Chicago Cubs (2013 – 2016)
Alec Kenilvort College of Marin Colorado Rockies (2014 – 2016)
Aaron Knapp UC Berkeley Miami Marlins (2016 – 2018)
Matt Ladrech UC Berkeley Arizona Diamondbacks (2018)
Justin Maffei University of San Francisco Pittsburgh Pirates (2013 – 2017)
Bryan Saucedo Davenport University Chicago White Sox (2016 – 2017)
DJ Slaton San Jose State University Tampa Bay Rays (2013 – 2014)
Allen Smoot University of San Francisco Tampa Bay Rays (2017 - 2018)
Will White College of Marin Miami Marlins (2013)
Colby Wright University of Kansas Miami Marlins (2016)

TopWorking in BaseballProfessionalDivision-IIDivision-IIIJCNAIA

Name College Division
Ike Buxton Boise State D-I
Sam Reinertsen Davidson College D-I
Kevin Whitaker Grambling State University D-I
Johnny MacLean Harvard University D-I
Jack Morken Monmouth University D-I
Martin Cole Niagara University D-I
Dawsen Bacho Sacramento State D-I
Alex Davis San Jose State D-I
Jordan Baldwin Santa Clara University D-I
Matt Calhoun Santa Clara University D-I
Eamonn Lance Santa Clara University D-I
Michael Praszker Santa Clara University D-I
Keshawn Ogans UC Berkeley D-I
Mitchell Scott UC Berkeley D-I
Hance Smith UC Berkeley D-I
Chase Gardner University of Connecticut D-I
Nick Simonian University of Illinois Chicago D-I
Elijah Birdsong University of the Pacific D-I
Jeremy Lea University of the Pacific D-I
Dylan Pottgeiser University of the Pacific D-I
Henrik Reinertsen University of the Pacific D-I
Joseph Solomon University of the Pacific D-I
Adam Hussain University of San Diego D-I
Paul Kunst University of San Diego D-I
Eddie Burns University of San Francisco D-I
Brandon Greim University of San Francisco D-I

TopWorking in BaseballProfessionalDivision-IDivision-IIIJCNAIA

Name College Division
Elijah Smith Academy of Art University D-II
Kobi Allen Cal State Monterey D-II
Dominic Burke Cal State Monterey D-II
Tyler Quintanilla Hawaii Pacific University D-II
Christian Merriwether Rogers State University D-II
Sean Robinson Holy Names University D-II
Marco Salvetti San Francisco State D-II

TopWorking in BaseballProfessionalDivision-IDivision-IIJCNAIA

Name College Division
Andrew Ferrero Amherst College D-III
Mason Collins Chapman University D-III
Joe Jimenez Chapman University D-III
CJ Novogradac Claremont McKenna D-III
Patrick Shore Claremont McKenna D-III
Teddy Hoxie Drew University D-III
Ben Somorjai Haveford College D-III
Alex Hoskins Kenyon College D-III
Colby Morris Middlebury College D-III
Alec Ritch Middlebury College D-III
David Fineman Oberlin College D-III
Will Martel Occidental College D-III
Joe Levin St. Lawrence University D-III

TopWorking in BaseballProfessionalDivision-IDivision-IIDivision-IIINAIA

Name College Division
Quinton Gago Butte College JC
Jake Simons Chabot College JC
Davis Barkocy College of Marin JC
Owen Hamilton College of Marin JC
Nick Kennison College of Marin JC
Matt Lozovoy College of Marin JC
Anthony Pomilia College of Marin JC
Tyler Quintanilla College of Marin JC
Nick Roth College of Marin JC
Isaac Woldt College of Marin JC
Mychael Jamison Contra Costa College JC
Chris Giles Folsom Lake College JC
Tyler Peters Napa Valley College JC
Gianni Bloom Sierra College JC
CJ Pino Skyline College JC

TopWorking in BaseballProfessionalDivision-IDivision-IIDivision-IIIJC

Name College Division
Sam Dinerman Hope International University NAIA
Scott Singh Westmont College NAIA

TopWorking in BaseballProfessionalDivision-IDivision-IIDivision-IIIJCNAIA