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California Warriors Make A Difference In College Baseball

The California Warriors baseball program has made an impressive appearance in college baseball. We know our program makes a difference, because California Warriors are recruited by top college baseball programs and are ready to play at a high level. Their success is attributed to playing high-performance baseball during the summer in a competitive travel environment to some of the best tournaments in the country. We pride ourselves on preparing our student athletes in the essentials of the game, both mentally and physically.

California Warriors alumni playing locally during the 2020 college baseball season attend Community College, D-III, D-II, and D-I programs. Cooper Vasquez has been a commanding presence on the mound in his first collegiate appearances for Ohlone, collecting 2 Wins in his first 3 appearances. Jacob Berg, center field, and Anthony Pomilia, short stop, have been hitting out of the 1 and 2 slots in the College of Marin lineup. College of Marin roster has a total of 9 California Warriors on their team, and we look forward to watching them compete in the Bay Valley Conference.

The Division-I College baseball is scheduled to begin the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Since baseball is close to our hearts, this is a perfect metaphor for the season. The UC Berkeley roster includes 3 California Warriors alumni, Vaughn Mauterer, Keshawn Ogans and Hance Smith. Chapman College the reigning Division-III champions has 2 alumni on their roster, Joe Jimenez and Oliver Sellman. In addition, there are California Warriors players at Santa Clara, Sacramento State, University of San Francisco and University of the Pacific. Many more players have gone outside of California to follow their dream of playing college baseball and are contributing to the winning cultures of their teams. Please go to our alumni page to see the abundance of California Warriors playing in college programs.

College baseball is an exciting game to watch. You are close to the field, you get to know the baseball players on the teams since they play for a college program for at least 3 years, it is good fun for the family, it is affordable and most of all you might live next door to some of the players.

There are also 3 former California Warriors Coaches providing their coaching expertise and vision for winning seasons at Academy of Art, UC Berkeley and Santa Clara.

Good luck in the 2020 college baseball season, we hope you all make it to the College World Series!

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