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COVID-19 Policy

Promoting the well-being of all California Warriors student-athletes, their families, and the community at large is extremely important to us. Players testing positive for COVID-19 must quarantine for 10 days before they are allowed to return to play. As new information and guidelines for best practices in being responsible community members during this crisis are announced, we will adjust as needed to ensure all necessary precautions are taken. We are following CDC guidelines and are being transparent as things improve.

Practices & Games

  • Players should not attend practice if they are not feeling well or have a fever
  • All players smust come with a mask
  • Practices will be organized so only 12 people will be on the field at a time (10 players and 2 coaches)
  • Coaches will be wearing masks and will take players’ temperatures prior to games and practices
  • Players’ bags will be placed 6 feet apart outside the dugout
  • Practice will be divided into 5 activities: (1) stretching, Conditioning, Review NCAA, SAT, College Clearinghouse; (2) base running fundamentals (leads, dirt ball reads, angles to push off base pad); (3) throwing program; (4) positional fundamental work; (5) tee station (two handed and one handed hitting drills)
  • Each activity will take place at a station that includes clearly marked spots for players and coaches to stand to ensure they remain 6 feet apart
  • No sunflower seeds, gum, tobacco, or spitting
  • Players and coaches are responsible for properly discarding their own trash (water bottles, etc.)

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