The California Warriors Summer Travel Baseball Program has been fielding teams for 15 years. We celebrate the magic of baseball on the field and prepare high school players to succeed and develop their skills. Our coaches take pride in teaching players the the subtleties of the game such as situational hitting and plate approach. Over the summer, we set the framework for student athletes to build self-confidence, leadership skills, motivation, and a passion for striving towards excellence.

The First Base Foundation & California Warriors offer student athletes the opportunity to play baseball at the highest caliber in front of college coaches and professional scouts. Our teams play in showcase tournaments around the west coast and against locals teams while practicing regularly. This program provides the first opportunity for many of our student athletes to travel outside of their hometowns. We provide support and mentorship, and every student athlete is treated with respect and loyalty.

Thank you so much for all of your work to make high quality baseball accessible to more kids and their families. Timyas got to experience a whole new level of the game and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to grow with the Warriors.


– The Concordia Family