We will be using the app SportUp to communicate with you this summer – the coaches will use this to let you know about changes in game times, location etc.  It is important that when you receive your SportUp invitation that you sign up. You can download SportUp from the App store – it will have an orange logo and it is for free.  If you already have a username and password for SportUp from last year, then you can use this to sign on.


1.  When you receive your email on your computer click “Join Team Now”

2.  Then create a password for your login

3.  Then you can go onto either your computer  your phone and sign in using your email address from where the invitation was sent to you  and the password that you created.

4.  Once you have created an account you will be able to see the entire summer baseball  schedule for your team and you can choose your student athlete’s schedule with respect to attendance vacations etc