The California Warriors 2018 Elite Team is comprised of 2018 graduates who have the goal of preparing to play in college. 2018 Elite will travel less and instead play more locally in games, tournaments, and practices, showcasing their skills at the marquis summer baseball tournaments in front of college coaches. Our coaches will continue to build leadership qualities and develop each student athlete into a better baseball player. The 2018 Elite Team will also play in local games and practicing each Wednesday when they do not have a game or tournament.

We will create Player Profiles for everyone on the roster to be used as a reference for coaches and scouts. Our first meeting and uniform handout will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, and our first game/practice date will be in early June. Your player fee includes jersey, hat, tournament fees, shirt, and shorts. Players will be responsible for their transportation/hotel for tournaments. We will add more information to this page, such as full schedule, galleries, roster, etc. as it becomes available.

Rosters will consist of roughly 18 players: 2 Catchers, 5 Infielders, 4 Outfielders, and 7 Pitchers.

These are the planned showcase tournaments:

  • Zoots Bay Area Tournament | St Mary's College | July 6-8
  • Zoots Bay Area Tournament | St Mary's College | July 21-23
  • Phil Singer Summer Series | San Diego, CA | July 27 - August 3